Fuck You Uncle Sam

                             FLATTBUSH - FUCK YOU UNCLE SAM

'Fuck you Uncle Sam' from Flattbush's Otomatik Attak album (or 'Dear Uncle Sam) as they changed it to on the album is a song about U.S. domination in the Philippines and the atrocities it has committed against the Filipino people. 
Uncle Sam is the symbol of American government and American policy. He personifies the IMF-World Bank, the US military and capitalist consumerist culture. The song was written to expose and oppose U.S foreign policy in the Philippines.
The song itself is heavy, fast and brutal, but with those trademark Flattbush hooks.

Riko tells me "We wrote this song during the term of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. We were going to change the lyrics to make it more universal by including the rest of the U.S puppet regimes in the country but it's just going to be too wordy. Besides the past and present Presidents are all the same and the issue of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo a.k.a GMA is still relevant. Human rights violations are still rampant and the possibility of all-out U.S. military intervention still exists. The Filipino people are fighting to end this system of puppetry and war, but they are being repressed. Activists are being tortured and killed, amidst the poor getting poorer and the rich getting richer due to continued U.S. control." 
Riko continues "We hope this song will inspire people to fight for justice and end impunity in the Philippines. We also want American citizens to be aware of the Philippine situation and hopefully give pressure to their policy makers to stop using their tax dollars to fund local fascist governments in countries being controlled by the U.S. The repetition of the lyrics "FUCK YOU…" is intentionally disturbing because the truth is disturbing. The sad part is most people would rather stroke themselves and stroke each other to feel good. Obviously that is not our goal."

The video is as hard hitting as the songs lyrics, showing dead bodies, and the torturing technique water boarding. 
The video is basically a bunch of existing pictures from the internet copied and pasted together. We also scanned some pictures from a book called "The Forbidden Book: The Philippine-American War in Political Cartoons". Like the song, it's a very disturbing book. What is very interesting about this book   was that it wrote about how Mark Twain was very active against the Filipino American War and how African American soldiers defected to the Filipino side -- stuff that you will never learn in school unless you stumble into Flattbush or activism"  says Riko.

Enriko Maniago " we can write songs that preach about sex, money, individualism, and lyrics that have thousands of interpretations or make mainstream beats that you think will sell. But we are not in it for the money. We'd rather use our music to expose the reality of the lives of the working class, and other sectors who are voiceless."