The Making of Seize the Time/Otomatik Attak

Riko very kindly took a break from baby duties to explain the process of making 2006's Seize the Time and 2010's Otomatik Attak.

The Seize the Time album was written right after we finished the "Smash the Octopus" U.S tour. Most of the writing took place in our former drummer's garage. The bass player, Arman, pretty much wrote the main structure of the music and helped me on the lyrics. I remember we were trying to do something different from our debut album by adding female vocals. There is a disadvantage when your influence in music is vast. It's like preparing a salad and somebody puts hot sauce on top of it. We took a risk by writing a "singing" song, Community Organizer. It started all beautiful then somebody in the band just had to kill it. Brad, the guitarist, made a lot of suggestions helped out a lot in song writing. But towards the end it all made sense because if you wanted to capture social realism in music it basically goes in different directions. Be it pleasing to the ear at first, you better prepare to buckle your seatbelt with some ugliness and pure chaos. Bill also helped us on that lounge feel of that song (Community Organizer) by playing the keyboard. He also did some back up vocals on the last secret song "The Messiah". He pretty much gave us a lot of input during the finalization of the album. It was also his idea to push for the cartoon form of the album. I drew the cover and added the direct political statement. We are basically a team and we're very democratic on the process and development.

Otomatik Attak is our simplified version of the two previous albums. Simple and direct. Writing the album was a pain. Brad , the guitarist of the two previous albums, had to leave and concentrate on his other projects. So we had to be proactive without him and reassess how to deal with the song writing and practice without guitars. The brains of the whole structure of the album was Arman, the bass player. He was basically the conductor of "Otomatik Attak". I am not really sure if it's really a problem in song writing  when you are being dictated on by one person. We are just very open to play anything. So, if somebody tells us what to do, like Arman did, we are okay because we have nothing to lose. It kind of challenges us to go beyond our personal taste when somebody suggests to try something different. There's a lot of hired guitarists in this album. We also had two female vocals to get that Atari Teenage Riot kind of feel. All and all it's all fun towards the end because we pulled off something that is different in the process. Bill also had suggestions in the album cover and he also helped us on the the final mix,considering he was very busy with his band. The staff of koolarrow records helped us to survive these tumultuous years by materializing this third installment. 

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