Riko & Espen continue their art talk


Espen: Do we want to say anything about this comic, Riko? You wanted
to draw something Turtles related so I coughed up this stupid idea
based on the Turtle Power song. I like bad humor for some weird
reason. Maybe it´s therapy, I don´t know. Don´t ask.

Riko: Hehehe… I had fun drawing this piece and you can't take talking
turtles seriously anyways.

Check this fantastic Turtle Power track

Espen: I really like this, it´s crude and somewhat realistic. What did
you use as reference here? The live action Turtles?

Riko: I have a lot of these vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
action figures in my studio. This particular Leonardo is based on the
"1992 Movie Star Turtles" action figure by Playmates. I am still
experimenting on the side on how to draw them "MY WAY".

Espen: Ok, so this one is somewhere between all the styles/character
designs you've done. You do lots of sketching/layout work when you do
comics, murals and so on, but did you paint this one without any
pre-production work? It feels so natural in a way.

Riko: This piece took me about 45 minutes to finish. I did a really
quick sketch on a grocery paper bag and then started painting over it
using acrylic paint. If I had some black acrylic paint available, it
would've probably taken me about 30 minutes to finish. The 15 minutes
was wasted on looking for some black acrylic paint. So I decided to
use water-based ink for calligraphy and a chinese brush to do the
thick and thin lines. I would've used sharpie markers if I hadn't
found black paint. My point is, it's like speed painting. But I was
able to pull it off because of the long hours of practice and studies
on these characters.